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  • Technosoft is a leading motion control technology company specialized in תמונה5the development, design and manufacture of motion control products and custom motion systems.
  • Features of Technosoft Motion Technology
    –  Compact and cost-effective motion solutions
    –  All in one solution: controls linear or rotary brushless, DC brush and step motors
    –  Various modes of operation: open loop, torque, speed and position control
    –  Single or multi-axis configuration.
    –  Multiple feedback options: incremental quad and sine-cosine encoders, digital and linear Halls, tacho-generators, absolute encoders and resolvers
    –  Multiple communication channels: RS-232, CAN, Ethernet, EtherCAT
    –  PC Motion Libraries running under Windows (C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi Pascal and LabVIEW) or Linux   (C/C++)
  • Shirley Soulutions is an official distributer of Technosoft.

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  • MOONS’  is one of the largest integrated manufacturers of motion control תמונה4products within China, using internationally proven scientific management tools along with the pursuit for professional applied technologies.
  • The M2 series AC servo drives and the SM servo motors are the new generation servo product series. The M2 series ranges from 50/100/200/400/750W, with 3 motor frame sizes 40/60/80mm. The M2 series feature with high sample rate control algorithm, velocity feed forward, torque feed forward math model and flexible filter function. It ensures fast system response time, high the accuracy and efficiency. 
  • Shirley Soulutions is an official distributer of Moon’s.
    Link to site (M2 controllers part):
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