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Our CEO’s Vision

The technical world was always a part of my world.

Starting in my military service, as part of the technical training staff in the Israeli air force, and continuing with my education in mechanical engineering, I was obsessed with developing systems, and finding innovative solutions to arising needs.

With time, I noticed that existing standard solutions do not always fulfill the need perfectly, and started to develop custom-made solutions to the changing needs.

I believe in the importance of having a team of professionals that are always eager to learn, innovate and reinvent themselves, and are not afraid to try and try again.

In 2009, I established Shirley as a boutique company with a great SOUL, and great abilities.

We accompany our customers from the planning stage to manufacturing.

In the process, we advise, offer solutions and change ourselves and the solutions we offer to the changing demands, while maintaining highest quality standards, and ISO standards.

Our team is committed to the highest level of quality and accuracy, and manufactures with state of the art components from industry leading suppliers.

We take part in flag ship projects of leading companies like El-Op, HP, Rafael, Mazor Robotics, Argo Medic, Applied Materials, and many others.

We deal with mechanics, but we do not forget the people behind it.

We proudly take part in student enrichment programs that enable mechanical engineering students to experience some actual engineering.

This program is done with cooperation with engineering faculties in universities and colleges.


Best Regards,
Shay Geva

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