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Rotary Motors

Stepper motor driver is DC electric motor that divides a full  rotation into a0001-FBIMG_1818 number of equal steps. The motor’s position can then be commanded to move and hold at one of these steps without any feedback sensor.
Stepping motors can be viewed as electric motors without commutators. Typically, all windings in the motor are part of the stator, and the rotor is either a permanent magnet.
Most steppers can be stepped at audio frequencies, allowing them to spin quite quickly, and with an appropriate controller, they may be started and stopped “on a dime” at controlled orientations.
Stepper motor can be used in simple open-loop control system.
Open loop control means no feedback information about position is needed. This type of control eliminates the need for expensive sensing and feedback devices such as optical encoders. The position is known simply by keeping track of the input step pulses.

Shirley Soulutions can support in a wide range of Stepper motor driver.
We can supply a full solutions including the feedback and the control according to the customer need.

A Brush DC Motor provides precision control of speed, driven by a direct current. Noted for a particularly high ratio of torque to inertia, the Brush DC Motor has the potential to supply three to four times more torque than it’s rated torque. If needed, it can even provide up to five times more, without stalling. The Brush DC Motor consists of six different components: the axle, armature/rotor, commutator, stator, magnets, and brushes. The Brush DC Motor offers stable and continuous current, using rings to power a magnetic drive that operates the motor’s armature. Perhaps one of the earliest used motors, the Brush DC Motor is commonly used because of the ability to vary the speed-torque ratio in almost any way.
Brush DC Motors are used in a wide range of applications, ranging from toys to Jacuzzi pumps. Most automatic car windows and seat adjustments are operated by a Brush DC Motor. The Brush Motor has been an automotive industry favourite because of its relatively low cost and simple design. A Brush DC Motor comes in all different sizes and torque and speed specifications.

Shirley Soulutions can support in a wide range of DC Brush motor from 12 mm up to 90 mm.
We can supply a full solutions including gear head (Worm, spur, with a high range of ratio etc.) ,feedback and the control according to the customer need.


ECN13The brushless DC motor (BLDC) operates without brushes by taking advantage of
modern electronic switching techniques.
Although this adds some complexity, the result is a motor that is extremely reliable, very efficient,
and easily controlled—all very desirable qualities. The BLDC is becoming increasingly
popular, particularly in those cases where the motor must be operated from a DC source
such as a battery.
The Brushless DC (BLDC) motor is the ideal choice for applications that require high reliability, high efficiency, and high power-to-volume ratio. Generally speaking, a BLDC motor is considered to be a high performance motor that is capable of providing large amounts of torque over a vast speed range. BLDC motors are a derivative of the most commonly used DC motor, the brushed DC motor, and they share the same torque and speed performance curve characteristics. The major difference between the two is the use of brushes. BLDC motors do not have brushes (hence the name “brushless DC”) and must be electronically commutated.

Shirley Soulutions support in a wide range of BLDC Motor.
We can supply a full solutions including the feedback, controllers and more components as gear box , brake etc. according to the customer need.
Large range of sizes from 12 mm up to 100 mm.

Shirley Soulutions  is officially distributor of ate,direct drive bldc motors

ATE could simply design and build powerful electric motors and drives for high-speed applications, but we don’t – instead, we offer more: your individual requirements are applied directly to our products in special customized versions. That is why special drives from ATE create new potential applications which are increasingly being used in various branches of industry and technology.

Our team specializes in the development, design and construction of special electric drives. The flat, open and target-oriented organizational structure allows us to respond flexibly to our customers’ individual requirements. First-class standards are assured from development to production by certification of quality management system DIN ISO 9001. Our particular speciality is that ATE customers are advised directly by engineers – with nothing and no-one in between.


Our rotary Actuators, offer the easiest possible installation of rotary table applications. Depending on your application you can choose between servo and stepper motors – with or without built-in (absolute) encoders. Mechanically they are ready to install – and mounting of rotating discs have never been easier. At the same time you gain the usual benefits of JVL’s integrated motors also making electrical installation child’s game.


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