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Intelligent Servo Motor

Intelligent servo motors offer an innovative solution to challenges considered inevitable in applications calling for precise positioning through use of servo motors of varying power outputs.
Servo motors, both brush and brushless types, require a motion controller, a drive and an encoder in order to function. There use to be no alternative but to have all of the above mentioned components separate from one another, using cables and connectors to fuse them all together into one complete system. Today, intelligent servo motors combine motion controllers, drives, encoders and motors into a single package. This not only highly improves dependability but also allows for better precision and improved overall performance.

Elimination of Cabling

One of the advantages of using intelligent servo motors is the elimination of cables connecting motors to units such as exterior drives, encoders, sensors and motion controllers. Since all of the system components a servo motor requires in order to function are integrated together into one compact size package there is no need for complex cables which must be positioned in a way which allows for bending and twisting. With no cables there is no concern for wear and tear, causes for possible malfunctions are greatly reduced and system dependability enhanced.

Preprogrammed Motion Sequences

Intelligent servo motors can be programmed to execute complex motion sequences automatically, even right off at power-up. Typical applications for this new generation of servo motors are in packaging, printing, textile, medical, warehouse (pick and place), CNC and other machines.

Use of intelligent servo motors steps up reliability and performance in a wide range of machines. Such motors may be small 50 watt ones or as big as ones called upon to provide a continuous output of 6.5 kilo watts.

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