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  • MOONS’  is one of the largest integrated manufacturers of motion control products within China, using internationally proven scientific management tools along with the pursuit for professional applied technologies.
  • MOONS’ specialize in standard motors such as: 2-phase stepping motors with a basic step angle of 1.8° and 3-phase stepping motors with a basic step angle of 1.2°. The motor frame sizes are 28/35/42/57/60/86mms. In addition, various options such as encoder, brakes, gear head, and IP65 standard motors are also available.
  • Moons drivers capabilities:
    –  Two phase stepper drive
    –  Three phase stepper drive
    –  DC / AC input stepper drive
    –  Digital I/O’s
  • Shirley Soulutions is an official distributer of Moon’s.
  • Link to site:
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