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About us

Shirley Soulutions Ltd. was established in 2009, by Shay Geva.0001-FBIMG_1672

Shirley Soulutions imports and supply equipment and components for critical service applications where the consequence of failure is substantial.

We serve as an invaluable resource for complex projects that require experience and expertise in all aspects of motion control.

Shirley Soulutions continues to excel at delivering advanced solutions to challenging needs, because we differ from the available alternatives in the following ways:

  • Strong commitment to present out of the box solid technical solutions, providing the most suitable motor/encoder/sensor and devoted customer service.
  • Broad range of products, strong support of industry-leading motion components companies.
  • Highly hands-on experienced group of experts in mechanical engineering and industrial design and motion control software code.
  • Employee backgrounds include robotics, computer science, mechanical engineering,  electrical engineering, and industrial design.
  • Strong focus on advanced motion technology, including leadership in Pan/Tilt pedestals.

Our expertise and products spread over all the aspects of motion:

  • Motors – various motors (AC/DC and Servo)
  • Sensors – optical and magnetic encoders, Gyro, IMU, proximity sensors.
  • Control — Optimal matching between motors and sensors, by a custom made PID system to ensure a seamless operation.
  • Integrated systems – Pan & Tilt systems, Video and Tracking systems, medical devices, and testing jig equipment


Vast knowledge, motion expertise, and innovation, position Shirley Soulutions at the top of the motion companies in Israel.


Contact us:

Phone: 972-3-6126601




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