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Shirley Soulutions is officially distributor OF Nippon Pulse. Nippon Pulse is a BL LINEAR MOTORglobal manufacturer and supplier of Precise ,Accurate , Efficient , A no-contact, high-precision digital servo motor for OEM applications. Our patented shaft design boasts a simple structure with strong magnetic field pattern for highly accurate results, with less heat generated and no cogging. The Linear Shaft Motor can be designed into a wide range of systems, or used in our SCR and SLP stages, which can be configured to meet your specifications.
The Linear Shaft Motor is the first linear motor designed for the ultra high precision market.
Because of design features, the Linear Shaft Motor is 50% more energy ,Efficient than competing linear motors.
You can design the Linear Shaft Motor ,into a wide range of systems, including ,high-precision robots, Gantry/Cartesian ,robots, and high-force actuators.

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Shirley Soulutions support in a wide range of Linear Stepper motors Motor,Linear Stepper motors

One of our leader supplier in this filed is Nippon Pulse.
Nippon Pulse’s linear stepper motors are designed to provide a simple, tin-can linear actuator at a fraction of the cost of a conventional rotary-to-linear stepper system. Nippon Pulse’s LINEARSTEP® tin-can linear actuators have multiple customization options available.
Linear Stepper Motor Product Sizing
Offered in diameters of 25mm and 35mm
Can also be ordered with one of three thread pitches on the lead screw (0.48mm, 0.96mm, and 1.2mm)
Linear stepper motors can be ordered with unipolar or bipolar windings and with a variety of usable voltages.

We can support in a wide range of linear motors including lead screw Zero Backless Nut and RLS Magnetic encoder (Absolute and incremental )in the back part of the motor.

linear actuators typically operate by conversion of rotary motion into linear motion. Conversion is commonly made via a few simple types of mechanism:

Screw: leadscrew, screw jack, ball screw and roller screw actuators all operate on the principle of the simple machine known as the screw. By rotating the actuator’s nut, the screw shaft moves in a line.
Shirley Soulutions support in a wide range of Linear Actuators with wide range of stroke and forces according to the customer needs.
As well,
Shirley Soulutions can supply a ‘’Turn Key “ solutions including the motor Driver and the power supply.

Shirley Soulutions Offers range of precision linear  stages.

4. Linear Stages Offering speed, accuracy, and repeatability with integrated RLS magnetic encoder and Rensow optic encoder.
We can supply the axis with all kind of motors (stepper, BLDC etc.).

Different type of linear Stage Is The Nippon Pulse linear Shaft Motor Nano positioning stages offer the accuracy of piezo driven stages with the speed and performance of servo stages.


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